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The meditations in MogaDao are innovations in formal meditation. All three of meditations incorporate strong foundational embodied aspects—immanence—as well as esoteric, non-spatial and non-temporal aspects—transcendence.

Floating Heart Meditation directly addresses, and seeks to support, spiritual states of anxiety and trauma. The careful way one assembles and configures oneself for this meditation can serve for all of the MogaDao meditations, or for any meditation practice.

Empty Sky Meditation lives in the intersection between immanence and transcendence as concepts perceivable in the meditation itself. The immanent is the material world in space and time; the transcendent denotes powers and forces that are beyond space and time. There is not a demand, not even a goal, to be embodied absolutely; nor is there a demand or goal to be beyond the body, absolutely. This quiet conversation between these two paradoxical distinctions makes for an authentic atmosphere of meditation.

Jing Retrieval Meditation is a meditation of procreation, original to MogaDao. It is integral to the notion of the Jing-Qi Bridge, which describes the energetic connection between the procreative life force and the capacity to express that life force in the realm of circumstance. Jing Retrieval refers to the meditative process by which the fundamental energy of one’s life is called forth into the field of Qi, for the purpose of experience.

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