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The Soul in Sex:
Mythosomatic Forms & Erotic Philosophy

"The broken world needs to be touched;
and the world that is already erotic needs to be celebrated.”
~Zhenevere Sophia Dao

Saturday, May 7

Sundari Farm and Gardens

Big Island, Hawaii

1pm - 4pm, $40.


Erotic Philosophy delves into the meaning of the Erotic Basis of Being; new understandings of Yin and Yang essence and how they relate don’t relate to notions of gender; the concept of the Jingqi bridge and how that informs our approach to sexual wounding; and the connection between Desire and Destiny.

Mythosomatic Qigong forms are highly specific movements that utilize poetic evocations of personal mythos as a felt experience in the soma in order to draw the body and the soul toward one another. The choreographies are related medicinally to the Daoist healing arts and are also psychological, archetypal and spiritual in nature. In this class, we will focus specifically on qigong forms that build life force or sexual vitality by attuning to our Jing, our procreative essence, which holds the blueprint or code of our destiny.

Directions to Sundari’s YOGA SHALA from Pahoa

Take 130 toward Kalapana about 9.5 miles. Turn right at the Noni Factory/across from the painted church. Turn right to go up the hill on the paved road. Take your first SECOND RIGHT (after the cat statue) and park to your right (at the bottom of the driveway below the yellow flower pot). Walk up the hill and find the Yoga Shala on the right & Lotus on the left. (Address is 12-1092 Kaimu-Makena Homestead Rd in Pahoa).

When you see the Meditating Cat 🐱 statue, instead of turning onto gravel road (where you would come to the Rainbow Shala), keep going straight, then turn right into next driveway, park up the hill next to the Lotus House & Yoga Shala (or at bottom of driveway if parking full).

(Address is 12-1092 Kaimu-Makena Homestead).

COVID Precautions

This event will be in an open-air venue where you can practice social distancing, and you have the option of wearing a mask and bringing hand sanitizer. There will also be a place for you to wash your hands. With that in mind, please only join us if you are feeling healthy and have not been around anyone who may have Covid. Thank you for being responsible!

*Note: All Events scheduled requires to sign-in contact details before joining incase we need to contact you regarding Covid-19 exposure at our Events.


“The Soul in Sex series was a life giving and life changing introduction to the embodied philosophy of Post-Daoism. I was relatively new to this practice coming into this series and have been entirely surprised and humbled by how deeply revealing and nourishing this course has been. These in-depth teachings, discussions and embodied practices around the fundamental erotic nature of life have enriched my understanding and felt sense of who I am. Sunny is one of the most generous, passionate, and intelligent teachers I have come across.  She sensitively crafted an inclusive space (over zoom no less!) which allowed for a flourishing of learning, intimate sharing, and community across continents. I could not recommend, celebrate, and regard this course and Sunny more highly..”

~Chris Burgess, Melbourne, Australia


“I wanted to write to let you know how deep and profound last week's class was. I journeyed deeply, and had a beautiful transformation later in evening. I am so grateful to be in this course. If there was any doubt, I am reflecting to you that being on zoom is not interfering with the potency or quality of teaching. I feel very grateful to practice with you in this way.”

~S. Ryan, WA


“I feel as if I am in very safe and capable hands… your intonation, your content, your heartfelt holding within Mogadao. You began with a very good introduction to the context and principles which were important for me to gain some understanding. The thing that has had the biggest impact is the concept of an erotic connection with nature. I never thought of nature as erotic and now you have opened the possibility that there is erotic joy everywhere. I love it!"

~Charley Bradley, Pico Island

Another “stunner” class– wonderful and wondrous. Thank you with all my heart for your dedication and devotion to this work, to your own sexuality and that of others, and the courage to share it. You are truly a Guiding Light in an area that is so in desperate need of it that my heart aches. Thank you for your vulnerability and your openness."

~Véronique Smith, Melbourne, Australia

“You have an incredibly warm and inviting presence, and a tremendous depth of knowledge that comes across clearly and with great care.”

~G. Kieval, Portland, OR


“I'm getting so much out of this class, it's the highlight of my week! I especially enjoyed this last week's class, I felt flushed and energized afterward. Thanks Sunny, you're such a wonderful teacher.” xoxo

~H. Strongheart, Santa Fe, NM


“I love the natural way you present, from your experience and what you know and have learned. No hype, no artifice… You are planting seeds in me that will grow into giant sequoias for the rest of my life.”

~C. Owens, Santa Fe


“I am proud to call this woman, Sunny Smyth, my mother. She is a brilliant teacher of qigong, yoga, and sacred sexuality. She helped me embrace my emerging sexuality from an early age, encouraging and supporting me to dive deeply into its power and sacredness. She raised me to speak my truth vulnerably, live from my heart and follow my unique blueprint. She showed me, by her example, to unwaveringly pursue my deepest loves and passions. Her deep commitment to a life of practice modeled for me the meaning of real devotion. She has truly mastered the ways of health and vitality in her later years. Her teaching is gentle, yet precise and direct. These ancient/modern practices are her life, and it would be a blessing to learn from her.”

~Corwin Mandel, age 31, Boulder, Colorado, excerpted from his Facebook post sharing my classes to his friends

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